Leadership – Virtues, Skills, Strategies
  • Description
  • The study of leadership is a rapidly evolving, multi-faceted field. Leadership is conceptualized as a social and cultural phenomenon, which cannot be fully understood from a single perspective. This intensive course aims to explore leadership from different lenses ranging from philosophy and culture to management and technology. What is the connection between leadership and justice? What makes a moral leader? Which are the skills and attributes required to be a successful leader, the ethical and interpersonal challenges of leading in a complex world, and the tools for leading and influencing people, ideas, and change within an organization? How technology impacts leadership? During the course, we will present and examine various leadership styles and types of leaders in the course of history. At the heart of our inquiry will be the neuralgic relationship between leader, led, and the environment that constitutes leadership.

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  • Keywords
  • Leadership
  • Virtues
  • Skills
  • Strategies
  • Subject Categories
  • Social Sciences
  • Social psychology
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  • English language
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