The Seeds of Virtue in Ancient Greece and China
  • Description
  • Ancient Greek and Chinese ethics were centrally concerned with questions about how to live one’s life, what is a life worth living, how to become good and flourish, how to deal with one’s emotions, how one should relate to friends and family, and what is a fair and just social, political, and legal order. In answering these questions, both ancient Greek and Chinese philosophers invoked virtues, that is, character traits people aspire to have and praise in others due to their nobility. In this workshop, we propose to examine and compare the virtue ethical approaches developed in these two philosophical traditions.

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  • Keywords
  • Ancient Greek ethics
  • Chinese ethics
  • Greek philosophers
  • Chinese philosophers
  • Subject Categories
  • Ancient history
  • Philosophy, ethics and religion
  • Social Sciences
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  • Languages
  • English language
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